Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rev. Doofus Dunkel

Well, originally it was called Reverend Dean's Dunkel; but Doofus is more fun and it's sticking in my head. Maybe I'll just call it Reverend Double D Lager. ;-)

Anyway - I brewed my Dunkel Lager yesterday and it's only the second time that I've done this one at the Porterhouse. I tweaked the hops a little - this time I used Styrian, Tettnang, Hallertau, and Willamette. The malt is a little different too - I added a dash of brown malt. I love that brown malt - it gives slightly nutty, mildly coffee-like, toasted malt goodness to a brew but this is the first time that I've used it in a lager. It will nicely compliment the Munich and Vienna malts.

The next brews for the Porterhouse will be a hoppy, crisp Pilsner, and another batch of hoppy/malty amber lager.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is not just a little late.

Weizen Guy finished lagering and has been on tap at the Porterhouse for two weeks now - it's my wheat bock-ish lager. With an estery bouquet, medium body, and spicy wheat driven palate; Weizen Guy is a quaffable lager. Sitting at close to 6% abv this is bigger than most of the beers I've been brewing lately.

I miss the Skye Dew already so I plan to brew another batch of that in the fall. I was really smitten with Skye Dew. Until then, it'll be lagers all the way - little ones, big ones, dark ones, hoppy ones, malty ones, dry ones. You get the idea.

Except for the occasional specialty ale, like Skye Dew, all that I'm going to brew at the Porterhouse from now on guessed it, lagers.

Why? Two reasons; firstly, our well water in Lahaska is perfectly suited for lagers; soft, with mild natural sulfates, mild mineral content, and perfectly neutral PH. Secondly, our patrons love lagers. This doesn't mean that I'll be filling our tanks with PBR knock-offs; no, no, no. Absolutely no way will I brew one of those - there are enough corn lagers out there for folks to choose from already. Maybe this will open a few eyes about what a lager can be; or maybe I'll be the only one that gives a crap.

Last week I brewed up a second round for one of the original four brews that put together when I first took over brewing for Porterhouse back in 2006 - Peace Keeper. Peace Keeper is a Baltic Porter (yes it's a lager) that Tom Baker originally guest brewed with me back in 2006. It will replace the Thug Flemish Sour Stout.

So; here's the updated tap list:
House Brews:
  • Weizen Guy - Wheat Lager
  • Red Rye Ale
  • Thug - Belgian Style Stout
  • Left Field Lager
Guest Taps:
  • Philadelphia Brewing Co - Kenzinger
  • Philadelphia Brewing Co - Walt Wit
  • Philadelphia Brewing Co - Newbold IPA
  • Oskar Blues - Dales Pale Ale