Saturday, November 24, 2007

What's on tap at the Porterhouse:
Dark Wheat - Ameri-Belgique Wheat Ale - This is a ruby hued wheat beer that tastes like liquid wheat toast. Crystal malted wheat and european hops give this ale a pleasing spicy palate. 5% abv

Harvest Lager - An Octoberfest-ish amber lager brewed with malted wheat & vienna malts; wet hopped with home-grown Pennsylvania hops. This one runs about 5% abv

Skye Dew -A mild Scottish Ale brewed with a touch of Whisky malt and fermented cool to pronounce this belly washer's malt flavors. The peated whisky malt gives this beer a smoky flavor reminiscent of whisky from Scotland's Isle of Skye. 3.8 % abv.

Browne Mild - Like roasty flavored brews? This is a way-back brown ale brewed with old-timey brown malt along with the finest English pale malts and hops. Brown malt was a prevelant ingredient at one time in English brewing history; all English brown ales might have tasted like this before malting technology advanced. I first brewed this recipe with Heavy-Tom Baker for his Heavyweight Mild series. 3.5 abv id'nt it now m'lord?

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