Saturday, November 24, 2007

What's up next; Brews at the Porterhouse Brewpub

The next four brews at the Porterhouse will include North Lager, and Herr Zippy which are both old standbys of mine, plus two new recipes; a wit and a red rye ale.

Red Rye - A French Farmhouse style ale brewed with malted rye and European hops; fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast. This one should come in around a standard 5% abv.

Wit - A slightly tart and fruity Belgian style white ale brewed with white wheat and oats; fermented using Belgian Abbey yeast. A nice session brew coming in at about 4% abv.

North Lager - Inspired by one of my favorite craft brewed dark lagers from a Canadian craft brewery - before it was assimilated by one of the mega-breweries north of the border. This dark lager is brewed with tasty Munich and Vienna malts and diverse hops. This one usually comes in around 4.5% abv.

Herr Zippy - A light ale inspired by the golden brews of Cologne called Kolsch; the aroma of my version is much more floral than your typical Kolsch. A real session brew sitting at about 3.8% abv.

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