Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Brew Session - North Lager

This brew continues my pursuit of the perfect (in my mind) dark lager at Porterhouse. Before they were acquired by a Canadian mega-brewer about 3 years ago; Creemore Springs brewery in Ontario brewed an exceptional lager. It's still good but it's lost something. The current version is not as malty; not as hoppy; not quite as inspiring. The original brewer actually skipped out of Creemore and landed with a tiny brewery in Burlington Ontario (west of Toronto) called Nickel Brook. I spoke to both the owner of Nickel Brook and the brewer whilst buying a stack of their beer. They probably would have shared the recipe with me but where's the fun in that?

Any-who; this round of North Lager is a perfect dark copper color (lighter than the last batch); with a load more aroma hops. I should start lagering this batch in another four days of fermentation. It'll go on tap some time around March.

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