Monday, February 11, 2008

Kenzinger is in the Tanks!

What a weekend! After so much hard work and seemingly endless delays, we've got the first Philadelphia Brewing Co. beer in the fermenter.

Name: Kenzinger
Sex: Why Not?
Birth Weight: 10 Plato
Birth Length: 30 Barrels

Mother and father are pleased as punch and all three brewers are doing fine. John and Josh will be posting pictures to their blog shortly. Walt Wit is up next; we plan to brew up a small (30 bbl) batch of each of the four initial Philadelphia Brewing styles before swinging the yeast into full production.

There was definitely a palpable sense of relief and contentment in the brewery and on everyone's faces yesterday. Every PBC employee in the house had a hand in pulling the first batch of spent grain from the mash tun.

What a day!

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