Thursday, March 06, 2008

Philadelphia Brewing Co - Beer on Tap!

Wednesday March 5 marked the day when PBC began distribution of draught beer. Close to thirty customers received kegs of Kenzinger, Walt Wit, and Rowhouse Red yesterday - with the majority of them tapping up and beginning service immediately. Our Newbold IPA will start to be delivered next week. Newbold, by the way, is tasting great - think American IPA with traditional European hops. The PBC IPA has much less of the citrus notes typical of the west coast US strains of hops and a lot more of the earthy, spicy, floral tones going on.

Naturally, the PBC crew spent the evening last night visiting customers and drinking our own poison - as is our custom. It's nice to once again be able to quaff your own beer whilst bending the ear of one of the usual suspects. All of the beers are tasting great and, happily, folks are lining up their favorite PBC pints. The enthusiastic support that we are receiving from bar owners and drinkers alike is great.

I'll be posting a simple page on listing locations where PBC brews are on tap.

Cases of bottled product will be available close to the end of March.

Hope to see you out there!


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